Obamacare: Looting the losers

Guest Column

By Gregory John Campbell

Only in America are citizens taxed for living, because that’s what Obamacare is — a human poll tax for being alive — a covert corporate plan to transfer more wealth from the working poor — all of us — to the rich elite — the Somali 1 percent.

Obamacare is a mockery of the American way of life, of the public commons and of the “social contract” essential for a democratic nation, because it is a corporate assault designed to further dissolve the democratic reality of our nation for a corporate oligarchy.

An oligarchy is “a small group of people having control of a country, organization or institution,”[1] and in such a state, the People are ideologically tricked into believing they have a political voice when they don’t. For what Obama did with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is cut deals with the medical-insurance complex, demand they change their behavior toward Americans and then bankroll them with millions of new customers subsidized by the government.[2]

This is the president of the United States selling us out to the corporations. But since when does the president stop being a “public servant” for the American people and behave as a broker for the corporations? So much for the “constitutional” Obama giving us “democracy we can believe in,” for in this context, we can’t call any politician behaving like this “in the public good,” when they prostitute the nation they’re constitutionally mandated to serve to others for their private gain and control.

Health costs in America are skyrocketing, not because of cost increases in technology, but because of shameful medical profiteering, which Medicare expansion would solve, but neither political party wants this with the revolving door of corporate sponsorship in Washington they both serve.

Many believe Obamacare is better than nothing, but this amounts to nothing when the average family is paying more for health insurance than for groceries.[3] And in the 1917 Russian Revolution, Lenin exhorted the workers to “loot the looters,” while today, America’s large corporations are “looting the losers” — the American people.[4]

This is Somali capitalism at its best — a “free rape-it” economic system designed to rob the poor and give to the rich as large corporations annually bury overseas $1 trillion in income needed to bolster tax revenues necessary for public services.[5] This is “class warfare,” unjust and un-American, because they must pay their fair share.

To understand Somali capitalism, Americans need to understand where markets rule, democratic choice doesn’t exist,[6] because corporations aren’t democratic; they’re autocratic. Consequently, they’re calling the shots, folks, and we’re getting shot.

Further, America’s endemic structural problems — offshoring, outsourcing, permanent high unemployment, foreign labor, high student debt, education cuts and widening income inequality — were all initiated by large corporations to destroy our middle-class democracy for a corporate oligarchy. Even “national security” exists for corporate state control.[7]

Americans are working more and making less because that’s the corporate plan. And until Americans realize that long-term income, investment and conservation, not short-term profit, extraction and consumption is what we need to rebuild nationally, “business as usual” is not going to change in America, because what’s good for Wall Street today is destroying Main Street.

Why? Because the founding fathers didn’t establish our country to make money, or to sell it out to those who do, but to be free. For how can we have a democracy until we value what it constitutionally represents more than money? We can’t. Accordingly, defeat the corporate state by demanding a higher minimum wage, buying locally and ending the political duopoly. Don’t let corporate Washington decide what America can be.

Gregory John Campbell is a Rockford resident.

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[7] Ibid. This is because the corporation is the state in a corporatocracy.

From the May 14-20, 2014, issue

One thought on “Obamacare: Looting the losers

  • May 16, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Mr. Campbell is correct in his assessment of what he calls “Somali capitalism” and its negative effects on our nation. However, the blame does not fall totally on “Obamacare” or President Obama. There are also many other decisions made by Congress and the Supreme Court that favor corporations over citizens.

    The blame falls on members of Congress who refused to even consider HR 676. This health care bill was introduced into the House in 2003. In 2009 it had 88 sponsors. This Single payer bill would have saved $400 million dollars a year but never got enough support. Advocates attempted to have this bill introduced into the health care debates but were largely ignored. Some supporters were even arrested.
    The Affordable Health Care Act does benefit the medical corporations and HR676 would have been much better but the ACA actually put a limit on the amount o
    f profit the insurers can make. Some citizens got rebates from their insurers because the companies made more than the 20% profit allowed.
    Insurers are no longer allowed to deny coverage to those with pre existing conditions.
    HR676 would have been much better, but our system of government requires compromise. Its sad that the compromises are the result of corporate money and lobbyists instead of common sense and that gave us the Affordable Care Act.
    I belong to the group Represent.Us and we are working hard to reverse the effects of years of corrupted politicians creating an atmosphere that supports Corporate rule. Please check us out on the web.
    Arlys Mills

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