Dave Syverson rips bill banning bake sales, blocking sale of puppies

State Sen. Dave Syverson
State Sen. Dave Syverson

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State Sen. Dave Syverson, R-Rockford, is chiding two new pieces of legislation that, if passed as they currently stand, could virtually make bakes sales illegal and make it harder to purchase pets.

One bill, HB 5354,  bans all Illinois citizens from making and selling cupcakes, cookies and cakes unless they take a class from the state, get licensed, and label all items using state guidelines. In other words, as this legislation stands, cupcakes sold by children for camp fundraisers would be banned unless state guidelines were met. Elderly women baking goods for a church raffle would also be outlawed.

“The first thing that comes to mind when you see this legislation is that these must be some kind of joke,” Syverson said. “We have major issues to be tackling this spring, including our struggling jobs climate, the budget, out-of-control tax rates and fee increases. Yet. some of these Democratic legislators are worrying about bake sales and buying puppies.”

Syverson said reasonable compromises have been offered, including one that would allow individuals to bake and sell up to $500 worth of baked goods per month without having to meet all guidelines. However, at this point, the Quinn administration has rejected that, he said.

“During the debate, I asked the Department of Public Health why whenever we hear of food-borne illnesses, that they seem to always come from places the health department oversees and regulates, not from grandma’s kitchen,” the senator added. “It is frustrating that the state does not have the manpower or resources to meet the core needs of its citizens, yet somehow seems to have enough money to go after the Girl Scouts and Grandma for baking a few cupcakes?”

House Bill 4056 (HB4056) blocks pet stores from selling any pets unless they come from animal shelters. That bill is being pushed by the Humane Society of the United States and would only affect pet stores, not sales of puppies over the Internet or through newspaper ads.

“If these groups were really concerned about the safety of animals and protecting the public, the last group they would go after is pet stores,” said Syverson.

Consumers are protected when purchasing animals through pet stores by the Illinois “Puppy Lemon Law,” which states stores must compensate for animals found to be sick or unfit within 21 days of purchase. In cases where a veterinarian deems a puppy unfit, stores must offer a refund, replace the pet or pay the pet’s vet bills. The law was passed last year.

“Pet stores only represent 2 percent of the sale of animals in this nation,” said Syverson. “One has to wonder why these legislators focus their time going after legitimate businesses instead of going after the illegal puppy mills across the nation. All one has to do is look at these two Democratic sponsored measures, among many others, and you can see why the public is frustrated with this out-of-control government.”

3 thoughts on “Dave Syverson rips bill banning bake sales, blocking sale of puppies

  • May 20, 2014 at 10:10 am

    WOW!! Another GOP that is not up to the task of being a Senator and/or representing his constituents!! I, personally, do not want to eat something made in “grandma’s” kitchen because I don’t know how clean that kitchen is. Schools do not allow homemade items brought in for a class birthday party so why should homemade be allowed anywhere else?? The reason the Humane Society is going after pet stores is because THAT IS A START! And he is trying to “blame” the Democrats for looking out for their constituents and their petitions?? How ignorant and out of touch can he be???

    • May 20, 2014 at 3:08 pm

      Do you eat at restaurants and buy groceries in grocery stores Mr. Almost? I would venture to guess that many more people have gotten sick and died from food sold in restaurants and grocery stores than just baked in grandma’s kitchen. As for me, I have heard of no incidents from bake sales although there probably have been a few but not near as many as deaths caused by eating contaminated food sold in restaurants and grocery stores. How ignorant and out of touch can some people be?

  • May 20, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    Funny how politicians who have done very little over the years are all of a sudden concerned about taxes and jobs in Illinois. If they did their homework years ago we wouldn’t be in this fix but since everything was put off until tomorrow we now need more revenue to sustain state services.

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