BOOM! Blackhawks’ logo appearing in unexpected places as team advances in playoffs

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

Blackhawks mania is spreading like a wildfire. I know I’m a rabid Blackhawks fan, and I also know that some of my friends are in that same category. When I head out to one of the local establishments to catch a playoff game, I see people who seem to share that same love of the ’Hawks.

I see people of all ages, both men and women, wearing jerseys, sweatshirts, hats, T-shirts, etc. I see cars and trucks adorned with the ’Hawks logo. There are houses around town flying Blackhawks flags and banners. Neon Blackhawks signs are getting as popular as Bears and Cubs signs in area bars. Those things seem perfectly normal and not out of the ordinary for me.

Last weekend, I was a little shocked when I saw the colorful chief and feathers logo in a place I never expected to see them. I’m sitting in the audience at my daughter’s commencement exercise in Peoria, Ill., when all of a sudden, I look up, and there’s the chief right in front of my eyes. It wasn’t on a hat or shirt — it was atop a graduating student’s mortar board. This didn’t happen just once. There were a few students showing some Blackhawks love as they received their diplomas.

In addition to being surprised by seeing the multi-colored logo on top of the solid black, squared-off headgear, I was also amazed by who had chosen to use the Blackhawks logo to accessorize their college graduation day attire.

They were all female! I hope I’m not sounding sexist or ageist here, but for some reason, I never expected that from these young ladies. Wrongfully, I assumed these awesomely decorated caps would have been worn by guys. I didn’t expect to see girls in high heels, dresses, nice makeup and curled hair, wearing a hockey logo on their heads — especially in this semi-formal setting.

This proves to me that the mass appeal of the ’Hawks stretches beyond my wildest imagination. I can only assume it will continue to grow as they keep on winning and advancing deeper into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If they do manage to accomplish the feat of repeating as Stanley Cup champions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that logo (which I happen to believe is the best in all of sports, but that’s a whole other column) in several other places I’ve never imagined.

Feel free to drop me a quick line if you happen to spot it somewhere you normally wouldn’t expect to see it. I’d be curious to hear where else it might unexpectedly appear.

Doug Halberstadt can be reached via e-mail at

From the May 21-27, 2014, issue

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