Rockford University starts Ambassador Families program

Rockford University has over 50 international students, and the number continues to grow! This summer we have 10 international students that will be attending Rockford University and living on campus. We are starting a new Ambassador Families program.

This program matches Rockford University International Students with local families to give our new students and families an opportunity to share cultures and build relationships. Students and families will arrange to spend time together as they so choose. Ambassador Families can include their students in family dinners, local sightseeing, shopping, holidays and any other events that can improve the students’ experience in Rockford. The initial commitment is for summer term, but many families and students elect to remain in contact for years.

Ambassador Families can be any resident of the Rockford area including couples, partners, families with children of various ages and single individuals. After being paired with your student, we will have a brief orientation and a welcome reception at the university to meet and get to know your student. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador Family or simply want some more information, please contact Sam Bandy at (815) 226-4138 or

Maria Diemer
ESL Instructor
Rockford University

From the May 21-27, 2014, issue

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