Schnucks — a dirty word in Rockford

Schnucks was always a derogatory word (same spelling?) when I was growing up, so when I heard they were coming to town, I had to chuckle. I have been going to the Rural Oaks store my whole life and have lived within a half-mile of the store for 20 years. I walk over there at least twice a week. I liked most of the employees, and Schnucks customer service in St. Louis was always helpful and responsive, stocking items I suggested at Rural Oaks. Schnucks brought in their own labeled foods, which were, for the most part (imo) lower quality compared to the name brands, fixed up the Hilander stores, and then started closing them. First was the North Main store (a very nice store) while keeping the Rockton Avenue store (a bad neighborhood) open. You can’t tell me the Rockton Avenue store was (is) doing better than the North Main, Alpine or Rural Oaks stores, especially after Walmart moved in less than a mile away. I don’t believe it. Schnucks has not been able to keep the Hilander stores they bought open, showing poor management and business decisions. When they close the Rural Oaks store, I will not give Schnucks one more cent of my business.

Doug Campbell

From the May 21-27, 2014, issue

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