NWF sues the Corps of Engineers

By Olivia Dorothy
Nicollet Island Coalition

The Water Resources Development Act is heading to the President’s desk.  But I’m tired of talking about WRDA, and this fun thing happened yesterday:

The National Wildlife Federation and several other environmental groups sued the Corps of Engineers to stop them from building river training structures and force an independent study of dikes on the Mississippi River.  

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a good article on the lawsuit here.

And, the P-D published an Op Ed piece I submitted last month on river training structures and how the Corps turns a deaf ear to citizen concerns.  Read that here.

Posted May 23, 2014

One thought on “NWF sues the Corps of Engineers

  • May 23, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    The new WRDA bill will command new and unknown lockage fees per cargo barge and empty barges that can only …go up in time to transit lock’s operated and maintained and built by a private or a foreign company under a public-private partnerships (P3‘s)

    One can only wonder as there was no Congressional studies to review how is new WRDA boat / barge lockage fees under a (P3‘s) program will affect States economies and the movement of barges and fishing and small boats on our waterways. This cost-efficient, mode of transport for now may just be undone by new transit fees to uses federal locks.

    Will town and port on rivers lose the competitive advantage to towns and ports open to use “free water” rivers with no lockage fees under WRDA to move cargo through a lock and dam.

    Will lockage barge / boat fees under open public-private partnerships (P3) to use a federal lock be the cause of a major ripple to economy on rivers with federal lock and dams?

    How will small boats / recreational boats be affected if the weekend boater / yachters has to pay to use a lock and dam?

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