Praise for bee article

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the first part in Copy Editor Susan Johnson’s two-part series on bees. The first part, “Pesticide companies smoke screening bee crisis?”, appeared in the May 14-20, 2014, issue. Part two, “Are pesticides a threat to bees? — part two,” appeared in the May 21-27, 2014, issue.

Finally, just read the above article and was totally impressed by the content, scope and quality of the writing. Not at all like the nonsense I’m used to seeing and reading in the Register Star, etc., when I’m up there visiting mom and browsing her local papers.

Big congratulations (and THANKS). It felt like I had a New York Times in my hands!

I look forward to more of Susan’s work when I next visit the area.

P.S.: I very, very rarely write notes like this. It was necessary to make the time for this because of the quality of the above article, on this holiday morning when I have loads of other things to do and places to be.

Ken Warneke

From the May 28-June 3, 2014, issue

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