Support bill to extend 5 percent income tax rate

Editor’s note: The following is from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Northern Illinois.

Call your representatives today and every day until Illinois does the right thing by passing a budget that supports mental health and people first! Maintaining the current tax structure has been a difficult decision for many … but the decision to slash the budget by reducing the tax will be devastating to literally thousands of people.

That’s called unconscionable!

It’s estimated that 140,000 people who currently receive mental health services and/or medications will no longer have access to those services or meds. More than 2,200 people living in supportive housing will be without services and could lose their homes. 15,900 people with substance abuse issues will be without treatment. And more cuts will happen.

It’s hard to wrap our heads around those numbers and that level of impact to communities throughout Illinois. For those who don’t believe the cuts will happen … or the numbers will be that large … denying needed services to anyone with a mental illness can be devastating. We will live with the negative impacts of this decision for years to come.

Please call your legislators today and urge them to:

• Vote “YES” on H.B. 395, the bill to extend the 5 percent income tax rate.

To file an electronic witness slip as a PROPONENT of HB395 HFA1, visit

Treatment works, but only when you can get it!

From the May 28-June 3, 2014, issue

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