County’s Court and Case Management replacement project labeled a ‘Model for Success’

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This month, “MIS Quarterly Executive,” an online academic journal issued by Indiana University, will publish a case study as part of the Public Safety Network Project. The study, “Embracing System Complexity in a Shared Service Center Collaboration,” conducted by Indiana University, in collaboration with Syracuse and Pennsylvania State universities, found that the recent Winnebago County Court and Case Management replacement project is a “Model for Success.”

The entire process began in 2005 with a gap study to find out why the court system was not operating to its full potential. From there, the Winnebago County’s Court Case Management System has evolved to function as a communication bridge, sharing information between multiple court case and law enforcement agencies. This “sharing” reduces case handling errors and costs, increases agency efficiency and serves as a command-center for information management. Findings of the study suggest that, “by recognizing and embracing complexity, with practices similar to those we identified in the Winnebago County case study, we believe that the likelihood of success in inter-organizational system projects is significantly increased.”

During March 2012, interviews were conducted with Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen (R), along with other elected and appointed officials responsible for the planning, funding and implementation of the Winnebago County Court Case Management System known as “Full Court Enterprise” and “Full Case” that went operational in November 2010. Christiansen points to the recognition they’ve received.

It has become a best practice — a model that is being used in other jurisdictions, as well as an academic model around the world,” Christiansen noted. “It’s a tribute to the hard work that went into developing the system and a real credit to all of the county stakeholders involved in the project. These include the county’s IT Department, the 17th Judicial Court’s chief judge, state’s attorney, public defender, court services, circuit clerk, sheriff and their departments’ respective staff members. We are especially grateful to the county board for funding the five-year project, which continues to be a work in progress.”

Sponsors for the journal include the “Society of Information Management” and the “Association of Information Systems.” Other sources of support include the Kelly School of Business. This study was conducted by professors Jane Fedorowicz and Christine B. Williams from Bentley University along with Ph.D. candidate Arthur P. Tomasino.

Posted June 5, 2014

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  • Jun 19, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    You article is in error.
    The lead research University was BENTLEY UNIVERSITY, a leading business
    university, located near Boston. Indiana University is the location of the journal and publishes the journal but was not involved in the research nor are authors of the article.

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