Eight arrested following June 15 prostitution operation

June 16, 2014

Online Staff Report

Sunday, June 15, officers from the Rockford Police Department conducted a Street Crimes Detail within District 2, which is the Pilot Police District. During the course of the operation, officers worked in an undercover capacity focusing on street-level nuisance crimes.

As a result of the detail, two women were arrested for prostitution, one woman was arrested for violation of the Controlled Substance Act, and five men were arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

Names and charges are as follow:

Jennifer M. Brown, 33, Rockford — Charged with prostitution;

Tara Short, 37, Rockford — Charged with prostitution;

Sheila L. Foerster, 46, Rockford — Charged with violation of the Controlled Substances Act;

Cuauhtemoc Cortes-Perez, 22, Rockford — Charged with soliciting a prostitute, no valid driver’s license, fictitious or unlawfully altered identification card, and obstructing justice;

Ronald Aumann, 46, Rockford — Charged with soliciting a prostitute;

Willjohn Rhynes, 39, Rockford — Charged with soliciting a prostitute;

Douglas G. Werle, 50, Rockford — Charged with soliciting a prostitute; and

Dominique Richardson, 35, Rockford — Charged with soliciting a prostitute.

Five vehicles were impounded pending payment of fines and costs as per City of Rockford ordinance violations.

Posted June 16, 2014

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  1. Almost Retired

    June 16, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    REALLY? As long as there are men, there will be prostitution. You are wasting tax dollars on this when these monies need to be spent on more important crimes, ie, murders, shootings and robberies!!

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