Solar on all federal buildings?

Dear Frank,

What if there were solar panels on every federal government building?

Last month, President Obama announced commitments by hundreds of companies and state and local governments to add 850 megawatts of solar — enough to power hundreds of thousands of homes. Earlier this year, he put solar panels on the White House.

The federal government is the largest single energy consumer in the country, so we could be doing more — a lot more.

Send a message to the president in support of putting solar panels on federal government buildings.

We’re in the midst of a solar revolution. There’s been more solar installed in the last year and a half than in the past 30 years. Putting solar on every federal building could be a game changer. It would reduce climate-altering pollution and create enough clean, renewable energy to power million homes. And, it will show that solar can work on the rest of our homes and businesses.

Now is our big chance. The federal government has set a goal of moving away from fossil fuels and see all new buildings be fossil-free by 2030. That cannot happen without a major effort to capture the heat and power of the sun.

Tell President Obama you want to see solar on the roofs of all federal buildings. 

As the largest single energy consumer in the country, the federal government’s transition to harnessing the power of the sun would put a huge dent in the pollution fueling global warming.

Will you tell President Obama to lead the way on solar and put panels on all viable government buildings?

Yes, I will send a message now.


Lisa Nikodem
Campaign Director

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