Old Holiday Inn could be a Motel 6

The old Holiday Inn and Ramada Inn has just been refurbished. Nobody is using it, and if it keeps going that way, it’s going to be bulldozed over. The last people who ran it couldn’t pay their heat or electric bills.

I say it could make it as a Motel 6, at least break expenses. That’s a chain in the U.S. and Canada, only. Some have swimming pools. I understand they don’t serve breakfast, but you could possibly get it sent in. Even if it were a Motel 6, it may take 12-20 years to get their money back. It could be a bingo hall, and the Indians could have something to do with it. What I suggest is only have bingo three nights a week on the cards, not machines, and one matinee. That would be four days. If you have it every day, you wear people out.

I have a listing of places that offer gambling for overnight at fairly reasonable prices. Usually when it’s overnight, it’s two nights. If it were bingo with the American Legion or the other people who use it, there would be no liquor served. The reason for that is 18-year-olds would be allowed in there.

The bingo hall up at Madison, they allow 18-year-olds, and they have machines when they have a fund-raiser. It’s raising money for a charity.

All I can say is “In God we trust” to all, and “God be everyone’s co-pilot.” Also, God’s best to all people. Amen.

Gregory Furman
Beloit, Wis.

From the June 18-24, 2014, issue

2 thoughts on “Old Holiday Inn could be a Motel 6

  • Jun 18, 2014 at 7:23 am

    No more gambling on small scales or catering to a crowd who cannot afford to be gambling let alone pay there bills on there fixed incomes. If you want to add more gambling help Beloit get the Indian Casino off I-90 finalized. That brings entertainment, multiple jobs for construction, as well as development around the property and jobs to staff those developments. Which in turn brings dollars to the area. The last thing that belongs in a hotel space is bingo or more video poker. At that point bulldoze the place it’s prime real estate right off the highway. The city would be better served by a new business bringing full time jobs and tax dollars then some rinky dink bingo hall. If this area ever wants to grow and flourish again it by development not catering to a small crowd that already has a bingo hall in South Beloit up the road.

  • Jun 19, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Deer Cunserned Rezident:
    there, in the context of your sentences, should be spelled THEIR! proof reed pleez.

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