Mother seeks justice, police investigation

My name is Danielle Hillman. I am writing on behalf of my son, Joshua J. Steines, who is a minor. Joshua’s dad, Michael J. Steines, was a victim of a fatal hit-and-run accident that occurred on the early morning of Aug. 30, 2012. Michael was struck by a 2006 Oldsmobile Alero (with an unknown number of occupants) and killed while walking home from a Hed PE show that took place at Bar 3 in downtown Rockford. He was struck on the corner of South Second Street and Oak Street, and was hit so hard that his body was found at South Second Street and Grove Street and was dismembered. The car was found unoccupied a couple of blocks away. His injuries were so severe that we had to have him cremated. It’s going on two years since he was murdered, and there have been no arrests made. When status of his case was checked on by a sibling, we were astounded by what we were told. The detective that was on his case had retired around six months after Michael’s murder, and the new detective knew nothing of the case. This led us to believe that his case has not been investigated in close to a year. Said detective had informed us that the state’s attorney had seen no probable cause to pursue the case. Upon speaking with the state’s attorney, we were informed that there was more than enough probable cause for an arrest.

Justice needs to be served! Michael’s three children (ages 7, 12 and 17) need closure. Michael was a father, brother, uncle, nephew and a friend. His family and friends are begging that this case be pursued. With having the owner’s car and witnesses, there is no reason that nothing has been done yet. Family and friends have checked into the City of Rockford’s unsolved murder cases and saw that there are 19 unsolved murders listed, but his case was not listed. Michael’s police report shows cause of death as homicide, so it should have fallen under that category. As the mother of Michael’s son, I would like to see someone behind bars for what they have done. His kids need to know that the person responsible is in jail. We feel that if this case is not solved, that his children will lose faith in the justice system. Please put yourselves in our shoes. If this were your loved one, wouldn’t you want something to be done about it?

Thank you,

Danielle Hillman


From the July 2-8, 2014, issue

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