Two cheers for Pat Quinn

As a libertarian, this author has little to say about Gov. Pat Quinn (D) that is positive. When he got to play Benevolent Leader after signing Illinois’ restrictive medical marijuana law, I made my exasperation known in a previous letter. When he outlawed the use of tanning beds by minors, I couldn’t even begin to write about how laughably specious such a ban is. I support gay marriage and higher speed limits, both legalized by Quinn, but legalizing some things doesn’t make up for inventing more victimless crimes out of thin air to replace them. Quinn is a party politician who defends only the freedoms he likes on whatever superficial grounds he chooses.

So, a recent article on the website of ABC Chicago, announcing Quinn’s banning of police ticket quotas, took me by surprise. The massive improvement this simple tweak to the legal system makes is too often understated. That Quinn realizes quotas not only distract police from maintaining public safety, but also thereby hinder it, shows he may not be as Machiavellian as I thought. Thank you, Pat Quinn, I say un-ironically. I see greatness in what you have done, maybe more than you do.

Simeon Becker
Rockton, Ill.

From the July 2-8, 2014, issue

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