Help spread the word about GMO labeling

Dear Friends,

Wow, I’m completely in awe! Over 250,000 strong have joined me in calling on Congress to reject attempts to block GMO labeling. But the fight isn’t over.

Soon, Food Policy Action will head to Capitol Hill to deliver your signatures to Congress. But before we do, it’s critical that we spread the word even farther to get more people to join our cause.

Please click here and share my petition with your friends and family one more time.

Thank you again for adding your voice to this important movement. We deserve to know what we’re eating, and it’s simply outrageous that Congress would attempt to block GMO labeling.

Thanks for everything you do.

-Tom Colicchio
Food Policy Action

P.S. After you share our petition, will you “like” Food Policy Action’s Facebook page to get more updates on GMO labeling and other important food issues?

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