Quinn doesn’t get it

Well, it must be election time. Pat Quinn is back on the South Side making promises. On the heels of a weekend that saw 13 people murdered and 58 injured, Quinn’s carrot this time is his “Illinois Public Safety Act,” which would ban semi-automatic rifles, high-capacity magazines, and increase background checks on the law-abiding.

Poor Pat Quinn. He can never get it right. Quinn can’t seem to understand that to reduce a problem, his proposed laws should at least address the problem. Instead, Quinn trots out his “assault weapons ban” as the solution for every spike in Chicago violence, regardless of the fact that almost none of these murders or shootings were the result of these rifles. If we could somehow go back in time to last week and enact Quinn’s ban on the law-abiding, this last weekend would have ended with ONLY 13 people murdered and 58 injured. Way to go, governor!

John Kight

From the July 23-29, 2014, issue

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