Adviser: Obama impeachment possible

By Jim Hagerty
Staff Writer

The House of Representatives may be planning to impeach President Barack Obama, a White House aide told the press Friday, July 25.

If the claim is true, it would mark another battle in the longstanding feud between the GOP and the president, who the party continues to allege has violated the U.S. Constitution by exceeding his power.

At a press breakfast Friday morning, Dan Pfeiffer, a senior White House adviser, told reporters that a lawsuit brought against the president by House Speaker John Boehner has “opened the door” for impeachment proceedings. That means the complaint could send Obama alongside Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as the only presidents in the nation’s history to be impeached.

“Impeachment is a very serious thing that has been bandied about by the recent Republican vice presidential nominee (Sarah Palin) and others in a very un-serious way,” Pfeiffer said. “We take it very seriously and I don’t think it would be a good thing.”

Meanwhile, Boeher dismissed the claim that impeachment proceedings are in the works, accusing Pfeiffer of grandstanding to raise funds for Democrats.

“We have a humanitarian crisis at our border, and the White House is making matters worse with inattention and mixed signals,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. “It is telling, and sad, that a senior White House official is focused on political games, rather than helping these kids and securing the border.”

Pfeiffer added that even if Boehner’s complaint advances, the president is guilty of nothing, saying, “no one has alleged anything that is even six universes from what is generally considered impeachable.”

Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama has been reported as a stonewalling tactic to prolong proper enforcement of Obamacare, officially known as the Affordable Care Act. The complaint passed the House Rules Committee yesterday and is now up for a full vote.

According to a CNN poll, 33 percent of Americans are in favor of impeaching the president. The poll also showed that 57 percent of Republicans are in favor of impeachment. In order to impeach the president and remove him from office, a complaint must be brought by the House of Representatives, be approved by a federal judge and pass a Senate vote.

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