Note to government: Do something!

Finally, in frustration at our government’s complete mission failure, I sent the following letter to U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill. Sir,

Our southern border is under attack. Our sworn enemies are riding this human-wave invasion and plotting the mass murder of Americans.

This week-kneed president could call out the military to repel this invasion, yet he does absolutely nothing. His intent is to create a constitutional crisis and bring America to its knees.

Speaker John Bonehead [Boehner] does absolutely nothing. His frightened appeal for a lawsuit is spineless whimpering.

So far, YOU have done absolutely nothing. Well, it’s time for you to do something.

Vote NO to Obama’s latest money-grab. Obama doesn’t need a dime to call out the military to stop this attack.

Introduce Articles of Impeachment! Get rid of this traitor before he gets rid of us!

Get rid of spineless John Bonehead.

John Kight

From the July 30-Aug. 5, 2014, issue

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