Meet John Doe: Climate change is not global warming, and neither are hoaxes, part three

Paul Gorski
Paul Gorski

By Paul Gorski

Thank you for reading and commenting on my previous articles “Meet John Doe: Climate change is not global warming, and neither are hoaxes” from the June 18-24, 2014, issue and “Meet John Doe: Climate change is not global warming, and neither are hoaxes, part two” from the July 30-Aug 4, 2014, issue. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort readers have invested explaining their positions on the topics discussed in these articles.

I remind readers that when defending your positions on complex topics it is useful: 1) to provide links or references to your source materials; and 2) to verify the information you are presenting in defense of your position. We all make mistakes, but one post had significant errors.

One reader left this post: “Mr. Gorski, would you like to read Lord Monckton’s website? He is a meteorologist and climatologist who is a global warming denier. His views have been censured from the BBC. The sun peaked in Jan. 2014. The next 5 years will be cooler. Monckton predicts the weather by studying the history of weather related to the position of the moon to the earth. People pay for his forecasts. He predicted the autumn 2013 tornado in South Dakota.”

First, the reader did not leave the link to Lord Monckton’s website. Using, I found these three websites: or or I think the reader was referring to one of these three sites.

Second, the Lord Monckton Foundation represents the interests of Rt. Hon. Christopher Walter Monckton, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, who is neither a meteorologist nor a climatologist, according to his biography here: He is a businessperson, journalist and politician. He has also invented a popular puzzle. He has also claimed that he is a member of United Kingdom Parliament, specifically, The House of Lords. U.K. officials asked Monckton to stop making this claim in 2011, see:

Viscount Monckton does not call climate change a hoax, but he does challenge the notion that increased carbon dioxide emissions cause climate change. He is entitled to his opinion, and the site is a good resource for those who share his opinion.

While I doubt Viscount Monckton predicted the specific date, time and location of a tornado, I concede that I cannot find evidence to support or refute the claim. However, the claim does sound like it came from an episode of The Twilight Zone science fiction television show.

I thank all the readers again. You have made this a lively and worthwhile debate. I encourage you to continue posting links and comments, pro and con, or to write a letter to the editor.

Here are the links to my original climate change articles:

Paul Gorski ( is a Cherry Valley Township resident who also authors the Tech-Friendly column seen in this newspaper.

Posted Aug. 5, 2014

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