Public input not wanted at library board meetings

The library board shouldn’t be surprised no one showed up for the public input session of its July 28 meeting.

Over the years, the board has sent numerous nonverbal messages that public input is not welcomed. At a recent meeting, for example, board President Paul Logli made a gleeful gesture upon learning no one had signed up to speak. That sort of thing is not lost on those who witness it.

With a background in speech communication that gives me an awareness when listeners are not listening, I was well aware of this problem when I and other speakers in the past have expressed concern over certain issues facing the library board. One can’t help get the impression the board just isn’t listening; that it’s a perfunctory duty they have to endure, a drudgery, to be done with as quickly as possible.

That’s why I resorted to writing guest columns about various library issues to force the board to address those concerns and do something about them.

Tim Hughes

From the Aug. 13-19, 2014, issue

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