The Carbon Solution

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the July 30-Aug. 5 “Meet John Doe” column “Climate change is not global warming, and neither are hoaxes, part two,” by Paul Gorski.

The July 30 editorial, “Climate change is not global warming, part two,” says that reducing carbon emissions would not have to cost money and could create new jobs. That’s true.

A recent REMI economic report says a revenue-neutral carbon fee can create 2.8 million new net jobs and add $75-$80 billion annually to GDP by 2025.

A carbon pollution fee paid by fossil fuels and return, 100 percent, to every American in a monthly rebate check would let the market, not government, create the transition to a clean-energy economy. Increase the fee annually, and people would use their carbon rebate money to buy cheaper clean energy. Most people, especially lower-income and middle-class Americans, would come out ahead, or at least break even, with the monthly rebate. The Citizens Climate Lobby website has more details.

In British Columbia, this plan has dramatically reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and their economy has thrived. Most economists across the political spectrum, including eight Nobel winners, support it.

The same carbon pollution fee on imports from countries like China would force them to cut their emissions to compete economically. This fee would also be rebated monthly, in its entirety, to all Americans, making U.S. products more affordable.

Most importantly, we’d avoid the ruinous future costs of climate disaster projected in the Risky Business report.

This is a solution to climate change that will improve our economy, if we act quickly enough.

Lynn Goldfarb
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

From tlhe Aug. 20-26, 2014, issue

3 thoughts on “The Carbon Solution

  • Aug 20, 2014 at 1:59 am

    Lynn Goldfarb,

    Thank you very much for your letter, for reading The Rock River Times, and for supplying information that supports my position.

    Paul Gorski

  • Aug 20, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    Thank you Lynn Goldfarb!! But crooked politicians with corporations’ hands in their pockets won’t do this in the US!!

    • Aug 22, 2014 at 11:24 am

      Politicans will act when their constituents demand it. Every once in awhile there is something that gets the public energized and they create a firestorm in Congress and the politicans take action quickly. So far the public has been like the frog a pot of water at’s slowly heating up, oblivious of the situation. Will things stay that way till lt’s too late? That’s what I’m trying to prevent and there are thousands like me in The Citizens Climate Lobby.

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