Violent Crime Task Force meeting Aug. 21

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The Winnebago County Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF) Quarterly Public Review Meeting will be from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 21, at Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning (RMAP), 311 N. Main St. The VCTF strives to reduce violent crime in Rockford and throughout Winnebago County through an intelligence-based policing approach.

From the Aug. 20-26, 2014, issue

3 thoughts on “Violent Crime Task Force meeting Aug. 21

  • Aug 20, 2014 at 2:23 am

    I blame the Winnebago county government. The education in this county is poor. There is little to no legal teaching, as if the county holds the intent to defraud people of what law is really about and deceive them of their legal rights. Combine that with low unemployment, the county is obviously acting against the people. My more recent job searches have been directed to leave this county and potentially the state. Winnebago county is a hick county ruled by a government that just wants power and money with little care about the people it rules over. When I came back to Rockford, IL from Chicago, IL, I noticed a trend. A very interesting trend. The people who rule over Winnebago county with their socio-economic status are intentionally keeping people ignorant so that those in power can leech off their time, money, and effort. The people who leech, however, are not too smart themselves. However, they’re just smart enough to keep other people stupid and ignorant, so that they (the leeches) can continually leeching off people. I guess the people in control figure as long as nobody wises up, they can keep getting away with it. The Winnebago county area is filled with criminal frauds and cons.

    Violence is an issue, but the educational system never goes about teaching people what assault, battery, and culpability is. Furthermore, it generally doesn’t go into what the philosophy of blame is all about. With that said, Winnebago county doesn’t do a great job of teaching people philosophy, how to think beyond what is preached in a church if but to remove ethnocentrism, and to evaluate whether or not there is such thing as right or wrong and the justifications for one’s actions.

    Locking people up is not the answer here. Changing the educational system is definitely a step in the right direction. Because when someone is told about legal compatibilism, the philosophy of blame, how law sees causality and liability, and how to go about resolving a potential legal matter, that person may seek a non-violent remedy rather than engaging in violence. The legal system, I believe, likes to weasel out of it all by assuming that people have free will and will teach themselves law. That is an outdated and archaic notion that modern neuroscience easily refutes. And that’s one reason I consider law and police to be fraudulent.

  • Aug 20, 2014 at 3:02 am

    And if we’re going to focus on violence, let’s definitely talk about all the Order of Protection and No Stalking Contact Order cases that go through the Winnebago county court each day. There are a lot of them. Because of their prolific nature, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone reading this was or knew someone who had to go to court for these frivolous cases. I argue that the Winnebago county is engaging in barratry with its citizens. Violence is a state/criminal matter not a civil matter. To further understand this, you’d have to understand the “monopoly of violence” concept by Max Weber, whereby the state is to be the only one with legitimate use of violence. When it’s a civil matter, it’s like the petitioner, in a restraining order case, is arguing that he/she is the only one with legitimate use of violence, which is not true in the slightest. Nonetheless, the Winnebago county, IL government signs off on these criminal harassment matches, which just spurs more violence by allowing the petitioner to criminally harass and criminally stalk the respondent through civil court proceedings.

    It doesn’t focus on the domestic issues and their causes. This is interesting to note, because Judge Joseph Bruce, presiding over the domestic violence court, is married to a woman of whom is a psychologist that focuses on family disputes, and I wouldn’t doubt that she’s had to focus on domestic violence. With that said, you have a judge that prosecutes people for domestic violence through legal proceedings married to a woman who attempts to council people on domestic issues without the need for a legal proceeding. It’s like a demon married an angel. My argument is that one person prosecutes people under the threat of state violence (Judge Joseph Bruce) while another peacefully engages in alternative dispute resolution (Thea Bruce). With that said, I have a firm belief that Judge Joseph Bruce is aware that there are other ways to resolve domestic violence but actively works against such alternative methods in order to prosecute people. I have a hard time he’s been married to a psychologist for so long and not considered that there are different ways to deal with violence and domestic disputes.

    And hey, why wouldn’t he want to advocate alternative methods?

    I mean, when the state prosecutes people, it makes money. Sure, the money comes from the people, but they’re too ignorant to know they’re being leeched off of. Furthermore, if the judge can unnecessarily increase tensions between people (barratry) and more violence ensues, the district attorney gets paid to prosecute, and the defense attorney, if there is one, also gets paid. It’s a winning situation for the Winnebago County court system. As such, this is what I’m saying about the Winnebago county, IL court system holding the intent to defraud people. I think Judge Joseph Bruce is definitely on the side of people who wish to defraud the citizens of Winnebago county, IL in order to put money in their pocket and increase their socio-economic status.

  • Sep 11, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    It has come to my attention that Judge Joseph Bruce may have moved away from the Domestic Violence court. Whether or not he resided on it when I wrote those previous entries and undetermined to me at the moment. Nonetheless, I still consider the Winnebago County government and many judges before for engaging in barratry.

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