City impersonator enters Rockford home

By Jim Hagerty
Staff Writer

Officers in Rockford Police District 2 are looking for a man city officials say impersonated a city employee to gain entry into a home Thursday, Sept. 4.

According to City of Rockford Water Superintendent Tim Holdeman, at around 9:30 a.m., a man knocked on the door of a southeast Rockford residence and said he was a city worker there to check on a problem with the water.

“The impostor walked around with a flashlight, acting like he was inspecting the house,” Holdeman said.

The man told the homeowner there was an issue with her water service and that the city owed her $49. He then asked her to break a $100 bill.

“He was probably trying to find out where the resident keeps her money so he could steal from her,” Holdeman explained. “When the homeowner told the man she had no money in the house, he left.”

The City of Rockford Water Division will occasionally need to visit residents’ homes to check on water problems and examine meters.  All employees will be in uniform and will carry a City of Rockford ID on them. They will also be driving a City of Rockford vehicle with a decal on each side, Holdeman said. The impostor was not wearing a city uniform nor did he produce an ID.

A description of the suspect is not available. Impersonating a city employee is a crime.

Suspicious behavior can be reported to the City of Rockford Water division at (815) 961-3770, or by calling 911.

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