Misinformed? Or Schilling’s shill?

In April, a Bobby Schilling supporter who is “on Medicare and Social Security” wrote a letter stating he would “never support anyone … who would cut the benefits I depend on.” You had better wake up, sir! Here are the facts: Schilling voted twice for the Paul Ryan budget. Unlike the $760 billion in fraud and waste President Barack Obama cut from Medicare to extend its life, the Ryan budget would cut its very fabric and give you a “voucher” to buy health care in the free market. See how far that would get you. Moreover, Schilling told me flippantly, at his very first town hall meeting ever (back then before they were staged events packed with his shills), that he didn’t think Social Security would even be around “when I get older.” His subsequent voting record made it obvious that he should have said it won’t be around “if I can help it.”

Sadly, this person spoke of “liberal disinformation” designed to paint Schilling as an enemy of Medicare and Social Security. This makes me think he is either duped by Schilling’s own Tea Party disinformation campaign, or he is one of his shills who spreads these lies. If the former is true, investigate non-biased sources and learn the facts about Mr. Schilling. If the latter is true, shame on you for attempting to deceive millions of us who also depend on Medicare/Social Security and who truly cannot afford to re-elect a wolf in sheep’s clothing like Schilling who would destroy them.

Caryn Unsicker
Silvis, Illinois

From the Sept. 10-16, 2014, issue

One thought on “Misinformed? Or Schilling’s shill?

  • Sep 13, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Some folks don’t get it. There’s an illness among tea bagger people that causes them to be susceptible to misinformation and nonsense, truth and fact be damned. They parrot-phrase the rhetoric passed on to them, verbatim and when presented with fact contrary to their opinion, get angry and stomp away..

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