Forest preserve sex sting nets 10



By Jim Hagerty
Staff Writer

Police say four locations within the Winnebago County Forest Preserve were the scenes of recent sex crimes, as 10 men were arrested for public indecency, the sheriff’s department announced Thursday, Sept. 18.

Sheriff’s spokesmen said the undercover sting operation began two weeks ago, after the office received numerous reports of men soliciting sex at various forest preserve properties. Arrests were made at Espenscheid, Blackhawk Springs East, Kishwaukee Gorge and Kishwaukee River West forest preserves.

Following is a list of those arrested by undercover officers during the sting.

David Wedig, 62, of Rochelle — Espenscheid

Rodger Atkins, 60, of Beloit, Wisconsin — Espenscheid

Roy Rummel, 69, of Winnebago — Kishwaukee Gorge

Paul White, 49, of Rockford — Kishwaukee Gorge

Robert Hessel, 53, of Rockford — Kishwaukee Gorge

Thomas Nowak, 74, of Rockford — Kishwaukee River West

Paul Welliver, 75, of Rockford — Espenscheid

Clarence Ernest Miracle, 61, of Rockford — Blackhawk Springs East

James Neutz, 50, Cherry Valley — Blackhawk Springs East

Russell Sergent, 44, of Muskego, Wisconsin — Kishwaukee Gorge

3 thoughts on “Forest preserve sex sting nets 10

  • Sep 18, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    My heartfelt sympathies for their families. They are innocent victims too. Being caught and having names and pictures publicized is devastating to their children, grandchildren, wives, girlfriends, etc. Years and years ago (too many to count) a boy at my high school was teased, bullied and harassed all four years at school after his father’s name was printed in the paper after a sting just like this. Did this kid deserve that? I think not! Why did he have to pay for his father’s sins? These men should THINK about their families!!!

    • Sep 18, 2014 at 2:34 pm

      They have no problem listing the prostitutes names and photos which yes embarrasses their families…most have children siblings and parents too!! That love them….men should be just as ashamed of their actions…if tgrg weren’t buying young ladies wouldn’t be sold…yes SOLD…. not selling because typically its not their choice. I’m speaking from personal experience

  • Sep 18, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Way too old for this nonsence!!!!

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