EPA regulations getting out of control

Responding to two letters to the editor about increasing the power of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Illinois, voted against. [Editor’s note: The letters, “Close the loopholes on clean water” and “Congresswoman Bustos threatening the Rock River,” were published in the Sept. 17-23, 2014, issue of The Rock River Times.]

Wyoming welder digs a pond fed by a creek after receiving approval from a Wyoming state agency.

EPA fines the welder and orders him to restore the creek to its original banks.

Missouri and Arkansas Blueway canceled after farmers protest. The Blueway would have created a buffer zone of 100 feet on both sides of creeks running through farms so cattle couldn’t drink or cross the creek. It seems that muddying a creek is considered pollution.

Did Rep. Cheri Bustos vote against the overreaching regulations of the EPA? If so, she acted to protect us from the EPA.

The last U.S. lead smelter has closed. Lead ore is no longer melted into lead in the U.S. The last U.S. lead smelter decided that it is too expensive to build an environmentally-clean lead smelting plant. Production will be moved to other countries.

The two op-eds to The Rock River Times that want no pollution appeal to the public’s need for clean water.

Harvard University study indicates that fluoride in the water is not healthy.

Forrest Snavely
Loves Park, Illinois

From the Oct. 1-7, 2014, issue

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