Martial arts school offers fitness- and defense-focused Krav Maga classes

Staff Report

Elite Defense Systems, an Illinois-based martial arts training and self-defense school, will reaffirm its promise to keep the community safe and physically fit. Owner and Chief Instructor Matt Numrich has announced his plans to begin Krav Maga classes Oct. 7.

Numrich said the reason for the expansion into the Israli self-defense system is the result of unprecedented requests for trainings, seminars and classes following the popularity of Krav Maga in the United States. Numrich aims to conduct introductory classes to benefit men and women of all ages and skill levels.

Krav Maga is renowned worldwide for its effectiveness in obliterating threats quickly through continuous motion, attacks to an assailant’s soft spots and pressure points, and simultaneous defense and attack. It answers what many assaults require, which is to neutralize attacks and escape unharmed. At the same time, it offers an incredible workout that burns fat and builds muscle.

Krav Maga is characterized by easy-to-do but instinctive counter-attacks against realistic threats. The defenses are easy to learn and retain, and can be replicated even when under tremendous amount of stress. The total body fitness of the system has attracted celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ashton Kutcher, Kristanna Loken, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, to name a few. Elite Defefense Systems is the only certified Krav Maga school within 70 miles of Rockford.

Elite Defense Systems is at 5695 Strathmoor Drive, Rockford, and can be reached at (815) 885-4758 or online at

Posted Oct. 2, 2014

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