McDonald’s invites food questions on social media

Staff Report

McDonald’s knows its U.S. customers have questions about its food, and are ready to answer.

Starting Monday, , McDonald’s is inviting customers, fans and food skeptics to get a deeper look at where McDonald’s gets its food and how it’s made. Through “Our Food. Your Questions.” McDonald’s is asking people to share their food questions via social media and is engaging in open conversation.

Curious skeptic Grant Imahara is leading the journey to help people learn more about McDonald’s food. This TV personality known for dispelling myths is uncovering real answers to tough food questions in a series of video vignettes. In these videos, Grant will provide a firsthand look at how its most iconic menu choices are made by visiting farms, supplier facilities and McDonald’s restaurants.

Ever wonder what is in McDonald’s beef or if it’s real? Grant explores a McDonald’s beef supplier.

McDonald’s is responding to as many people as possible with straightforward facts and a wealth of new social media content. To get involved and join the conversation, follow @McDonalds, @McD_Madison or visit


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