Domestic Violence Court becomes a national model

I have several questions.

How many judges from all over the country will be visiting our Domestic Violence Court?

Will any of these judges be interviewed for their impressions about the status of this court as a national model for domestic violence cases?

How is the $91,000 grant to be spent?

Rosemary Collins states in your interview, “We know that we need to work on those cases immediately to try to make sure that we can get offenders into services …” Does she know that “we” need to do that, or is that actually happening? What is the time frame referred to by the word “immediately”? What are those services? How many offenders have been “gotten into” those services, and what is the success rate of those “services”?

You state in your report, and Mike reiterates “the 17th Judicial Court is holding abusers accountable.” Where is the actual evidence that this statement is factual? How are abusers being held accountable? Where are the numbers?

It is my personal belief and experience that a victim of domestic violence stands to encounter monumental revictimization from the 17th Judicial Circuit and that offenders are in no way held accountable. This is a serious, and widely known, condition within our community that contributes to a victim’s reluctance to seek legal remedy, or sadly, even safety!

Mary Ann Dohm

From the Oct. 15-21, 2014, issue

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