The irony behind Old Wisconsin’s ‘Touchdown to Flavor Town’ promotion

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

Each week, I receive a variety of emails and press releases with story suggestions. Most are informative and useful, while others are purely “spam” and junk mail. Every once in a while, I like to share the ones that strike a certain chord with me.

This week, the one that really stood out was for an upcoming promotion for Miller Lite and Old Wisconsin meat snacks. Now through the end of November, the two companies are teaming up to promote their products.

The marketing campaign is called “Touchdown to Flavor Town.” The email states: “Old Wisconsin brings together Miller Lite with the brand’s popular meat snacks in the ‘Touchdown to Flavor Town’ campaign cheering on the Green Bay Packers. Old Wisconsin and Miller Lite are teaming up to help fans celebrate the Packers with high-value offers at participating grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor channels. The campaign is supported with in-store displays, POS and merchandisers; stadium and scoreboard signage at Lambeau Field; out-of-home, digital and radio advertising; and game-day sampling. This is the third year Old Wisconsin has sponsored fall Packers Nation promotional programs.”

Jeff Weber, Old Wisconsin’s national brand manager, said in the release: “Old Wisconsin is thrilled to be joining forces with Miller Lite to enhance the Packers Nation experience for fans and cheer on the Packers to another title this year. This campaign builds on the success of past Packers Nation retail efforts to create shopper excitement and drive retail sales.”

Here’s the part that struck me as ironic. As much as this promotion is centered on cheering for the Packers and rah, rah Green Bay by a product with the brand name Old Wisconsin, they are actually part of a company based in Illinois. Other than using the name, they have nothing to do with that state.

Do you think the Packers faithful would eagerly buy up these meat snacks if they knew the truth? The Old Wisconsin brand is owned by Carl Buddig and Company, the same company that makes the very thinly sliced lunch meats. They are an Illinois corporation, and they are based in Homewood, Illinois.

I find it amusing that this company is all aboard the Green Bay bandwagon and is promoting their product alongside another iconic Wisconsin-based product, Miller Lite, yet they make their home on this side of the Cheddar Curtain.

I guess it really doesn’t matter when it comes to selling your “Old Wisconsin” meat snacks whether they’re actually from that state. In business, it really is all about the green (cash) and gold.

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From the Oct. 15-21, 2014, issue

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