Nancy Churchill and Gregory John Campbell

These two people both had columns in the Oct. 15-21 edition. I saw a similar theme.

They both predict impending doom if we don’t “act.” Nancy throws most of her wild theories at capitalism, and Gregory warns us about the terrible effects of Ebola. Then, they tell us to “wake people up” to the fact that “free-market” capitalism is “about to kill us and our planet,” or that we should “call your two senators and congressman now and demand action.” All communist/socialist/leftist/statist drivel. The government is of no help in any of the perceived areas of alarm and will only make things worse. I have observed closely for 70 years, and our decline is obvious. This country is DOA, and liberals killed it.

I could say these two are starry-eyed dreamers, but they are much, much worse. Fuzzy-thinking left-wingers and “call your representative” alarmists can’t help us. Very soon, we will all be totally on our own. By that time, Ms. Churchill and Mr. Campbell will not be writing columns.

Richard Gribbins
Oregon, Illinois

From the Oct. 22-28, 2014, issue

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