New mariachi band in Rockford

By Susan Johnson
Copy Editor

Looking for a different sound for your wedding or party event? You might want to check out Mariachi Lira de Rockford, the first band of its kind in Rockford.

The Rock River Times spoke with Cristian Roman, one of the members, to help us get acquainted with the new band.

TRRT: How did the idea for this band start? Whose idea was it?

Cristian Roman: “It was me and my family. We all play music. Me and my brothers had played in different bands before — party bands. We wanted to take a business approach. The kind of stuff we were doing — whenever people paid money, the ones in Chicago charge at least $800. We were thinking, ‘This is not in Rockford.’ The whole area was open to us.”

TRRT: How many members are there?

CR: “Seven in total.” He listed them: Humberto Roman (Cris’ father), vikuela (guitar-like instrument); Jose Luis Favela, guitar; Daniel (last name unavailable), guitar; Javier Roman, bass guitar; Marco Brandt, trumpet; Mikael Leonhardt, trumpet.

TRRT: How long have you been performing and where?

CR: “We just started performing in early summer. Local parties where we get hired or festival events. We just played for Mexican independence last Sunday [Sept. 14].”

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From the Oct. 22-28, 2014, issue

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