White House fence jumper charged with kicking Secret Service dogs

Secret Service K-9s: 5-year-old Hurricane, left, and Jordan, 6, right. (U.S. SECRET SERVICE)
Secret Service K-9s: 5-year-old Hurricane, left, and Jordan, 6, right. (U.S. SECRET SERVICE)

By Jim Hagerty
Staff Writer

The Maryland man caught climbing over a fence at the White House Thursday has been charged with injuring animals for allegedly kicking two Secret Service dogs during his capture.

Federal law enforcement officials say the dogs, named Hurricane and Jordan, were kicked while stopping Dominic Adesanya, 23, of Bel Air, Maryland, from entering the White House Wednesday afternoon. The 5- and 6-year-old Belgian Malinoises were treated for bruising after the incident and have since been cleared for duty.

Dominic Adesanya
Dominic Adesanya

Adesanya has also been charged with resisting arrest and unlawful entry. It was the second time this year he was arrested at the White House and third in all.

Adesanya was arrested July 27 for for attempting to enter the mansion and again July 30 after a verbal confrontation with police at the Treasury Building. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and was diagnosed as paranoid.

Victor Adesanya said his son has had mental health issues for the past year but refused treatment. He said Dominic’s condition got so bad he broke a bathroom mirror because he though there were cameras hidden in the wall.

According to documents from Adesanya’s July arrest, he wanted to talk to President Barack Obama about removing cameras he believed where secretly filming him.

I knew that was him,” Victor Adesanya told the Washington Post, speaking of the news cast about the incident. “I didn’t think he’d go back to the White House.”

Adesanya was not armed in either incident. He made his first appearance in federal court Thursday. The case is scheduled for a Monday detention hearing. Adesanya remains in custody.

He is the second person in a month to climb over a White House fence. Sept. 19, a man carrying a knife made his way into the building before being arrested in the East Room. The incident led to the resignation of Secret Service head Julia Pierson.

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