Let’s honor ourselves by voting for Randall Olsen

Adam Kinzinger says he’s honored to represent the 16th District.

Honored — for avoiding us, unable to justify his actions and inactions? We learn lists of things he wants done — that coincide with ours — but he rejects bills that’ll do it because something he wants is missing. Moving forward — through legislative compromise — is a means he rejects.

The GOP remains disjointed, can’t decide what it wants to be. We’re too used up and frazzled to wait.

Randall Olsen will work to resolve America’s assorted problems. Putting Americans back to work with more-than-adequate wages regains harmony. Consumers run the economy, and when the majority of us have increased spendable dollars, businesses flourish, jobs increase, communities rebuild, and financial independence returns pride in oneself. Tax revenues increase, fixing what’s neglected.

Randall is energized from meeting us, learning what we believe can be accomplished. Eager to honor us with his efforts in D.C., he welcomes continuing input.

We’ll rarely hear the usual talking points since Randall speaks from his heart — what set him on the path he’s traveled from the start.

America can’t become what we’d cherished until the “us against them” — dividing us in unimaginable ways — becomes a distant memory, and we can truly be proud to be Americans again.

Make us proud by voting for Randall.

Julie Kiefer-Bell
DeKalb, Illinois

From the Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2014, issue

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