Response to Gary Jury

We’re sorry, Dear Gary.

Some friends and I were surprised to find out last week that you owned the county administration building on Elm. Somehow we had been misinformed and thought that the taxpayers owned it and that you worked for us from it.

Now that we know it’s your building and your counter tops, we can understand why First Amendment rights aren’t allowed. YOU ARE IN CHARGE & WHAT YOU SAY GOES!!!!

Hopefully, you are not so upset that a rash move will be made; i.e., you decide to vacate the building and put it on the market as a potential parking lot. We know some guys down the street sold a former restaurant under that premise and did pretty good.

In closing, once again, please accept our apologies, and if there are any co-owners on your board, send us their names. Come the next election, we will do what we can to help you OUT (of office)!!!!

Jake Henry & Friends

From the Nov. 12-18, 2014, issue

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