Center for Rural Affairs announces climate actions across Midwest

From the Center for Rural Affairs

LYONS, Nebraska — This week, the Center for Rural Affairs is partnering with organizations, farmers, ranchers and small-town folks to build awareness about climate change and the Clean Power Plan proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

From Nebraska to Michigan and North Dakota to Ohio, we’re asking people to speak up about supporting investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and limiting carbon pollution from our nation’s power plants,” said Lauren Kolojejchick-Kotch, energy and climate fellow at the Center for Rural Affairs. “The economies and infrastructure of rural and small-town Middle America are some of the most impacted by the effects of climate change, and they stand to benefit greatly from more renewable energy development and widespread use of energy efficiency.”

According to Kolojejchick-Kotch, rural and small-town Midwesterners are already taking action to address the impacts of climate change and invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy. And others are taking action by sending a clear message supporting action on climate change.

The Center for Rural Affairs is circulating a petition in support of the Clean Power Plan and we currently have just under 1,000 signers,” said Kolojejchick-Kotch. “We hear rural people saying that pollution from outdated coal plants endangers our rural way of life and prevents us from enjoying what rural living has to offer, like clean air, water, hunting and fishing.”

Kolojejchick-Kotch also explained that individuals interested in signing the petition can add their name at And in addition to the Clean Power Plan Petition, the Center for Rural Affairs, along with several other organizations, is collecting stories and pictures of rural people and their reasons for advocating for action on climate change.

Many rural people told us they want homegrown clean energy that’s safe and reliable for our homes and businesses while creating jobs in our small towns and rural communities,” added Kolojejchick-Kotch. “We want to hear from as many people as possible.”

Anyone interested in participating in the Week of Action and sharing reasons for taking action on climate change should call (402) 687-2103, ext. 1022, or e-mail Or, contact one of the Center’s partner organizations, Clean Up the River Environment, Iowa Interfaith Power and Light, Clean Wisconsin and the Environmental Law and Policy Center, or visit and let the Center know why you care about clean air, vibrant rural communities and action on climate change.

Established in 1973, the Center for Rural Affairs is a private, non-profit organization working to strengthen small businesses, family farms and ranches, and rural communities through action-oriented programs addressing social, economic and environmental issues.

Posted Nov. 17, 2014

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