Wayland, Pulse 18 help provide memorable night for dying woman

Mary Street with Mitch Arnold, Phillip Vilenski, Dean Pizzazz and Tyler Coburn of Wayland.
Mary Street with Mitch Arnold, Phillip Vilenski, Dean Pizzazz and Tyler Coburn of Wayland.

Staff Report

Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture, you can change a person’s life, for better or for worse.” — Unknown

That is what happened recently at a local rock show, when national recording rock stars went out of their way to make a dying woman’s night memorable.

Mary Street is under hospice care and is dying from cancer. She hasn’t really experienced a great deal in life. Her sister, Jenny Martin, is close with the band Wayland. When Mary expressed her desire to attend a Wayland show, Jenny immediately contacted Mitch Arnold of Wayland. She explained the situation, and asked if the guys would be interested in making it a memorable night for this dying woman — and they all quickly agreed.

Mary had never been in a limo, so a plan was quickly put into place to try to make this one night as memorable and fun as possible. Jenny began contacting limo services, and AAA Limousine of Rockford offered their services to her. She was taken by surprise when she was picked up in a limo. She was taken to dinner at a local steakhouse, and then escorted to the show, where she would receive total raock star treatment.

Rockford’s The District and their staff were very accommodating, and supplied her with a nice, comfortable lounge chair, preferential seating up front, with security to keep her from being injured. The band Wayland provided her with access to the show, VIP treatment, personal one-on-one attention, autographed band merchandise, and a memory that she will not forget.

Upon her arrival, Mary was visited by Wayland’s frontman, Mitch Arnold. Mitch greeted her, and they chatted briefly. He made her feel very welcomed. After the show, the Wayland guys took special time to talk with her and take photos with her. The kindness, caring nature these gentlemen pass on to their fans is truly amazing. They take time with each fan, and will not leave a venue until they have greeted every fan who expresses the desire to converse with them. Mary was in awe of their kindness, generosity and hospitality.

The guys in the opening band, Pulse18, also assisted in making her night special. She was given an all-access pass and some rock star attention as they all took time to talk with her, take photos and make her night special.

There aren’t enough positive things that can be said about either of these two bands. Mary and her family wish to thank Wayland, AAA Limo, District Bar and Grill, and Pulse18 for their generosity. “What you all did to make this dying woman’s night so special is truly appreciated,” the family said. “She hasn’t stopped talking about this, and you have no idea what this experience has meant to her! There really are still great people in this world! Thank you!”

From the Dec. 3-9, 2014, issue

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