Ask the Doc: Should I bring my newborn in for a chiropractic check-up?

By Dr. Philip Schalow

The forces present in a normal vaginal delivery are able to create a subluxation of the atlas, the first bone in the neck. At a recent research symposium, a case report was delivered by an upper cervical doctor that detailed the restoration of normal bowel movements in an infant who was unable to have them on his own. In our office, we have taken care of newborns and enjoyed seeing these children regain normal head motion, reduce vomiting and improve general comfort.

Remember, if a child has brainstem pressure because of a misaligned atlas, this will compromise the brain’s control over important activities such as digestion, crawling, speech development and spinal development. In addition, parents become stressed when baby isn’t comfortable. Chiropractic is an important part of the newborn’s care.

Dr. Philip Schalow is a NUCCA practitioner in Rockford. He owns 1st Step Chiropractic, S.C., 4519 Highcrest Road, Rockford. Call (815) 398-4500 for details or visit

From the Dec. 10-16, 2014, issue

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