Problem in Ferguson

What went on in Ferguson is sheer madness. People’s businesses were destroyed, regardless of anything they had to do with the shooting or the grand jury decision.

There are many African-American families that strongly desire to live in a safe community, as do most others. To have that means you must have a police presence to remove those who tend to make it unsafe. Who wants to be around this threat to personal security?

What would happen to Ferguson if all the police left? After this calamitous demonstration, who would want to be a policeman in Ferguson? Who would want to have a business in Ferguson? What kind of place will Ferguson be to live in?

It seems there isn’t enough black leadership emphasizing respect for rightful authority as found in family structure, education and law enforcement. Respect for these facets of their charges’ lives would greatly enhance their chances for a better future and thus a better U.S.A.

Michael A. Smith

From the Dec. 10-16, 2014, issue

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