The Christmas spirit is alive and well

The Christmas spirit is alive and well! This month, we have been selling Christmas trees to families who come to choose and cut their own special tree. Many happy people passed through our gate, all wishing season’s greetings, exclaiming about their beautiful tree, and generally exuding joy.

One family in particular seemed to exude this joy.

Shortly after they left, they returned. We were shocked — would they return their tree? That seemed impossible. Instead, they held out a beautiful beagle puppy that had been jogging down the highway. “Do you know whose this is?” No, we didn’t, but would find the owners and return their dog. The friendly puppy wiggled and snuggled, happy just to be with people. We thanked them, and they expressed that they loved dogs, and didn’t want to see her hurt.

We quickly set about trying to find her owners. She had been seen near a friend’s home, so that was a start. No, she didn’t know who the owner was, so we phoned the vet, then the sheriff to locate animal control.

The puppy had no tag with her or her owners’ names, but was wearing her rabies tag, so that was a good start. Within 10 minutes, we knew the owners’ names; puppy mom drove down our lane, relieved, thrilled, and grateful to have her little dog safe and sound. So many people came together to help. We phoned our friend; she thanked us for the happy ending.

To the family who picked up the dog and to those who helped her return home, thank you!

Lin and Sonia Vogl
Oregon, Illinois

From the Dec. 17-23, 2014, issue

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