Locals present book: ‘Paranormal Theories: A Logical Approach’

Staff Report

Paranormal Theories: A Logical Approach takes what you know about the paranormal and turns it upside down.

When a paranormal investigator first decides to go from hobbyist to professional, there are always questions racing through their mind. Sometimes these questions become the driving force behind their thirst for knowledge, but other times, it can become a hindrance to any great investigator to be.

Co-written by Larry Eissler and Dan Norvell, northern Illinois locals, answers to these questions — and more — can be found in Paranormal Theories: A Logical Approach (70 pages, $10.99, ISBN: 1503331156), a collection of 15 theories that challenge the traditional beliefs of paranormal investigating.

Eissler is a soon-to-be retired Army veteran who served overseas in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom ’08. Norvell is a corrections officer for the Boone County Jail and a retired volunteer fire department lieutenant. 

Paranormal Theories: A Logical Approach covers a range of territory from the popular questions of “How do ghosts move objects?” to “Where do ghosts exist?”, with many answers in between. Thought of as the stepping stone to any paranormal investigator’s first year in the field, Paranormal Theories: A Logical Approach takes years of experience and puts it neatly in your pocket.

The book can be ordered through Amazon.com as either an e-book or a soft-cover book. To arrange a book-signing or interview, contact Eissler at (815) 262-9026 or LEissler3@Gmail.com.

From the Dec. 24-30, 2014, issue

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