Move ahead!

I just heard of the new Barmore case decision, and I can’t pretend to understand the mechanics and intricacies of our legal/judicial system. But there must have been some points of inaccuracy in the various testimonials and interpretations.


Now, for hopefully the good part. At a local coffee shop this morning, the outcome of the Barmore decision and the ongoing Brown case were being discussed.

Perhaps reason, human kindness and all the good things in life will start to come together!

The three gentlemen were relating how the Barmore and Brown families were planning a non-profit, educational opportunity from any settlement dollars they receive, for “ALL” young people (no ethnic labels) who prove they want to be contributors to society.

They seemed to be stressing career opportunities in law enforcement, education and medical technical fields.

How wonderful, let’s continue to set aside vengeance and anger! We will certainly be looking ahead to more good news, from good people!

This is truly “FORWARD ROCKFORD.”

Dan Sears
Roscoe, Illinois

From the Dec. 24-30, 2014, issue

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