Utility rates keep going up

Within the last month, I’ve received an unexpected surprise from Nicor and ComEd with reference to my budget plan. It’s doubled in cost. While they received two rate increases since September, as of now, Nicor wants $95 instead of $70 a month. ComEd’s gone from $50.44 to $100.88, leaving me one-third less in total income, just more than $500 a month, whereas it was $721.

Supplemental Security is giving me a $12 increase. I’ve been told by many to cut back. I can’t even afford hamburger at $8 a pound. In the words of Winston Churchill, it’s better to fight when the odds are with you, and you have the victory in sight than to wait till the odds are against you, and you not only lose your cause but perish as well.

Neil Harlan

From the Dec. 31, 2014-Jan. 6, 2015, issue

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