Guest Column: Triple tragedy — assisting a Rockford man in rebuilding his life after a fire

Editor’s note: A Go Fund Me site has been created by Tammie Variano of Wadsworth and Paulina Johnson of Woodstock on behalf of Mike Prescott of Rockford. To donate, visit

By Tammie Variano

Bad things do happen to good people. When this happens, the sadness extends to family and friends, and you are overcome with a feeling of sorrow and helplessness.

In November, one of our good friend’s Alaskan malamutes became deathly ill. After two weeks in veterinary clinic care and thousands of dollars later, “Moose” was still far from recovery. A feeding tube was surgically inserted so nutrition could be readily delivered to the dog. Mike brought his sick boy home to join his other two malamutes, “Lobo” and “Blizzard,” while he nursed his ailing dog. (Mike adopted and saved both Blizzard and Moose from shelters.)

Mike has always been dedicated to the care, recreation and safety of his dogs. He is an advocate of the breed, and just plain and simple adored his boys. He was an excellent dad and great friend who never hesitated to help anyone look for a lost dog. He could always put his heart in the anguish someone was experiencing while searching for their lost pet. Mike drove considerable distances to locations and then walked and drove many more miles searching for other people’s dogs … in drenching storms, cold or hot weather, early mornings and late nights. He was a sincere friend with a heart for anyone’s canine companion.

Sunday, Dec. 7, Mike arrived at his Rockford home to find his garage filled with smoke. There was a fire in his home. His immediate response was to go in and save his boys

In addition to losing all of his possessions in the fire, he lost all three of “His Boys.” The smoke had robbed the lives and futures of his three precious and beloved malamutes. Mike is, to say the least, devastated. Those boys were his world.

We grieve with him and implore your help and support. Although we can’t bring back Lobo, Blizzard and Moose, we would like to help Mike, our dear friend, with some of the financial burden that he has incurred as a result of the medical bills for Moose and the financial loss from the fire. Please help us help a very good friend, wonderful canine dad, a person who lends a hand to all in need, and just great and kind-hearted guy find just a little “comfort and joy” this holiday season. He lost his precious and priceless pups … let’s help him find some support in friendship. Thank you for your kind consideration.

From the Jan. 7-13, 2015, issue

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