Star Worlds video arcade in DeKalb celebrates 30 years in business

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DEKALB, Illinois — Jan. 11, 2015, Star Worlds Arcade, in DeKalb, Illinois, will celebrate its 30th anniversary of video game and pinball fun.

Patrick O’Malley, owner of the arcade, opened the business with his parents while still in his early teen years.

O’Malley maintains a vast collection of classic video game and pinball machines, and prides himself on providing a unique environment for young and old alike.

Inducted into the Twin Galaxies International Registry of Historic Video Game Arcades, Star Worlds stands out as one of the last, and possibly only, remaining neighborhood arcades that has survived since the 1980s.

Thirty years in business under the same ownership is an outstanding feat, especially when it comes to video game arcades.

While there are an ever-changing number of games at the venue, the selection is not limited to the 1980s. You can start out playing the classic Ms. Pac-Man or Galaga, move on to one of several pinball games, fight zombies with The House of the Dead, dance with your partner on their Dance, Dance Revolution, continue with the rare Pop’n Music, and the list goes on.

Walter Day, founder of the international video game high score organization Twin Galaxies, has high praises for O’Malley. Day has included the arcade owner in his series of video game trading cards, dubbing O’Malley as “Keeper of the Flame” for his contributions to the video game culture.

Day has also been at the Star Worlds venue several times to honor game players as well as industry leaders, such as Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar, creators of such games as Defender, Stargate, and Robotron:2084, and pinball designer Steve Kordek.

Star Worlds Arcade will be hosting its anniversary party Jan. 31, 2015. Space is limited, and entry will only be by reservation. For more information, contact Star Worlds Arcade or visit their website at

From the Jan. 7-13, 2015, issue

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