Stop the senseless murders

My name is Floyd Prunty Jr.; my brother is Odis Prunty, the father of Rachael Ross-Golden.

I’m reminded of Rachael Ross-Golden and Jazznique Fort, two females who barely witnessed the beginning of the New Year 2015. It makes me wonder what the year has in store as we have most of the winter, spring and summer to look forward to.

I know we, as a people, have an assignment ahead. We must put our thoughts and voices together now and try to put a halt to the senseless murders. Our communities need to establish working relationships with our police. We can truly see our police, men and women, are needed night and day for our safety, sometimes for our very existence. We need to give them the respect they deserve and stop criticizing at every chance. Without them, it would not be safe for us to leave our door. I thank God for the protection we can expect when there’s an officer present. So, I ask our ministers, businessmen and women and parents to make an effort to educate the public on good behavior and respect when people are murdered. We shouldn’t just attend the funeral in mass numbers and put the act on the back burner the next week. I, for one, plan to attend all court dates concerning my niece, and in 2015 I plan to stand up for our community when these acts are committed. Our family does not plan to be silent now or in the future. Our family wants justice for Rachael, and may God be with us on this journey.

Respectfully yours,

Floyd Tyrone Prunty Jr.

From the Jan. 7-13, 2015, issue

One thought on “Stop the senseless murders

  • Jan 7, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    this was a senseless act of murder I’ve been knowing her ever since she was 15 she was like a little sister to me and a very close friend. women today, especially young women need to be aware of the company they keep with the men they date and marry. domestic abuse is a common factor in our community these days. women and men alike should get more into domestic abuse cases take classes and study on how to communicate with one another.I was a domestic abuse case I was just lucky enough to get out in time. I pray everyday for this family and that the abuser is caught and brought to justice. and is served in the proper way. I agree we should communicate more with our social services. help police officers and anyone else that can help prevent domestic abuse. there are many hotlines and stations to reside in, in this critical time of need. so people stop overlooking domestic abuse when you hear domestic abuse please call a local police officer. you may prevent a family from losing another loved one

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