Travel Like an Architect: Selecting a destination for your vacation

By Robert and Lynn Belles
Independent Vacation Specialists

Just like selecting a parcel of land to build on, choosing a vacation destination needs a reason! Why there? Why you? Why now? Once you identify your “whys,” a perfect place to go will come into focus.

We usually choose our destinations for one of two reasons: either we need a getaway and the price is right, or we are headed off to a really cool place from our Lifetime Bucket List! We have found cruising to be a great way to discover places one would want to return to and spend more time at on a later date. Cruising is also a great way to visit exotic places with limited — or no — infrastructure. Some of our fondest travel memories are along the Amazon River, where there are NO commercial accommodations whatsoever.

There are many variables to apply to your “whys,” including season of travel, length of time you have, who is going and what everyone’s interests are. There are small pockets of time throughout the year where any given itinerary can be obtained at a significant discount simply because of the date. This is a big way that we have leveraged our ability to travel. Once you learn where those sweet dates are, you can almost always find what you are looking for. First, however, we like to encourage people to do some serious thinking about their trip and what they want to get out of it. Are you hoping for adventure? Rest and relaxation? A tan? Beautiful scenery? History? Unique food? Or …?

We are always available to help you hone your ideas into the shape of a perfect plan. Just call (607) ­GET-AWAY or tap us on the shoulder when you see us out and about!

From the Jan. 7-13, 2015, issue

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