Abortion disgraces America

Our government and abortion doctors disgraced America by violating their oaths, killing 57 million helpless babies in 42 years. These babies would have supported Social Security. Horrendously pregnant mothers do buy over-the-counter oral death abortifacient pills to kill their live family member. The power of life and death belong to God, not to Adam and Eve (government and women). Forty-nine percent of Americans are praying for the babies and parents and to end abortions.

The 5th Commandment, “You shall not kill,” is disregarded by the parents, as does losing heaven and being separated from God forever. Our bodies are to remain chaste for marriage and procreation; they are not sinful toys. Adultery, unmarried sex and self-sex are grave sins. Those who teach children that sex sins are OK will answer to God for the loss of that child. Open sex sins are vile without conscience and are evil.

Being responsible for your actions, mind and body, is self-discipline that builds self-confidence and self-respect. It is fulfilling for your health and reputation.

Cure is confession to a priest about your abstaining from sex, remorse and thanksgiving to God for grace and mercy.

Mrs. Helen M. Deckler
Freeport, Illinois

From the Jan. 21-27, 2015, issue

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