Travel Like an Architect: Working on your vacation

By Robert and Lynn Belles
Independent Vacation Specialists

To “Travel Like an Architect,” you will have to (indeed WANT to) work on your vacation! WAIT! DO NOT PANIC!

One reason you will WANT to work on vacation is a LITTLE work makes for a MUCH longer vacation. Plus, you will find sitting on your balcony, cruising the ocean, and FREE room service makes two to four hours of work just FLOAT­ ON by.

Cruising allows an employee or business owner to maintain contact with “the home office.” If you own a business, you understand how difficult it is to be isolated from the daily operations. If you are an employee, you might find your boss is quite willing to let you vacation longer when you make yourself VERY available.

We LOVE cruising because it accommodates being away from work so well. We can visit foreign countries and out-of-the-way places and still remain “connected.” For example: We had cell service and Internet the ENTIRE length of the Amazon River! When we started cruising, we relied ENTIRELY on the ship’s connection to the world. Cruise ships have/own a cell tower ON the boat, as well as satellite Internet. You do have to purchase this in addition to the cruise, and we purchase in a package to get a better deal. Because your “tower” travels with you, cell and Internet service are available even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! This also means that MANY carriers have FREE texting.

More recently, we have found FREE Internet while on land. MANY port facilities offer free connections within the terminal buildings. AND, you will frequently find us in social media at the “bar of the day,” because you can ALWAYS get the WiFi (pronounced wiff­e) code in exchange for a delicious libation.

Try it! A little work and a LOT of vacation equals “Traveling Like an Architect”!

Rob and Lynn Belles are owners of Belles Firm of Architecture, a local professional design firm. They are seasoned travelers with family and adult-only international travel experience. They are teaching others what they know about traveling as a family, a couple and as business owners who stay connected with their clients, even while they are traveling abroad.

From the Jan. 21-27, 2015, issue

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