URGENT: Four votes and we could lose on Keystone

Editor’s note: “I offer the following addition to the form letter provided in this urgent appeal, and encourage our readers to add this thoughts as well:

‘Add in the falling price of oil, the rising number of electric cars and the fact that most of this oil will be exported to foreign companies, this is a horrible choice for the people of the U.S., and for future generations of U.S. citizens. Are our Senators representatives of “We The People”, or “Oil Owns Us”–particularly–Our Senators?

For us future dummies that might still believe in our representatives voting for us, rather than the “well-oiled” machine, vote “NO” on Keystone.

Thanks, we wish to continue believing in our Senators!'”

— Frank Schier, editor and publisher, The Rock River Times

URGENT: The pro-Keystone XL lobby is just four votes shy of overriding President Obama’s promised veto. Send a message right now to urge your senators to vote NO.


The forces pushing to fast-track approval of the Keystone XL pipeline have 63 of the 67 votes they need to override a presidential veto.

With a final vote planned this week, we must hold on to the support of every senator we have on our side now.

Will you help stop Keystone by urging your senators to vote NO?

Yes, I will send that message now.

Keystone XL would hit the accelerator on runaway global warming, adding another 27 million metric tons of carbon pollution per year to an already overheated planet.

That’s not the legacy I want to leave the next generation, and I’m sure you don’t either.

The 1,700-mile pipeline itself would also cross 1,073 rivers, lakes and streams while threatening one of the world’s largest and most important aquifers — the Ogallala, the irrigation source of America’s agricultural heartland.

It’s bad news for our climate, our environment, and the world we’ll leave the next generation.

Please: Tell your senators to vote NO on Keystone XL.

We’re so close to stopping Keystone. Your voice can make the difference. Thanks, in advance, for anything you can do.

Shelley Vinyard
Environment Illinois Regional Program Director

Posted Jan. 26, 2015

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